Shooting through an entity

I’ve been looking for a method that allows me to shoot through moveable entities using FireBullets without using SetSolid. I found TestCollision (which requires the entity type to be “anim”) however I haven’t been able to make it work with entities that are already created. I was hoping that someone else may have encountered this issue and could enlighten me on how they solved it.

Most weapon packs resolve this issue by creating another bullet with the same properties on the other side of the entity.

This was one potential solution I had yet it doesn’t respect damage falloff based on distance. I could calculate this myself however it’s a bit messy and not ideal. I was hoping for something that’s less of a hack.

FireBullets allows you to ignore 1 entity but that’s probably not what you are looking for. @ubre pointed out the correct way to do it. You can also easily integrate damage falloff over distance for this method.