Shooting up a enemy

Kinda getting rusty with editing.

Badass, Nice editing, specially like the blood

The water splashes does not really fit with the rest of the water, but the picture is good, either way.

Water splashes look a wee bit strange, and the mech/robot thing looks kinda low-res.

But still, awesome stuff!

The flash and tracers are quite cartoony but the blood is really awesome. I like the saturated, high-bloom style and the water is lovely. You gotta vary the direction of the splash though.

I was never good at that and thanks.

The muzzle flash is just a god awful blob emitting no light, the tracers are also too defined, Atleast the blood is half decent

The atmosphere, posing and angle are pretty good.

The effects need some work tho, cool robot too.

Maybe more comments please?

I like it.

Dakka dakka dakka.

That’s all I can really say.