Shooting Weapons On Servers Causes Extreme Lag.

So, recently I have been having trouble firing weapons on servers.These weapons seem to cause my game to freeze up for about 3-12 seconds whenever I pull the trigger. This problem has prevented me from playing on servers with my friends, and makes me really angry.However, I can shoot a select few weapons on various gamemodes, such as the sniper on TTT, and the HL2 shotgun on sandbox. Other weapons cause this unbearable amount of lag. I am hoping that this easy to fix and will improve my overall experience. Contact me on this thread or on my steam profile, Sniff32.

Thank You,


Is it a specific addon? FA:S, M9K? I know M9K’s effects can cause a lot of lag if you don’t disable them.

It’s its almost all of the weapons regardless of add-ons.