Shootout at the Old Steel Mill[/t]

My first attempt at doing muzzle flashes.

Rigging on that CS model is balls wacky as fuck, so it took some doing with the arms. They don’t articulate more than 30 degrees.

I don’t think one guy spooning a human shield qualifies as a shootout, especially if it’s just those two and whoever else exists outside of view

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its a shootout but the posing is still really wonky

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The way you have the masked guy holding the hostage makes it look like he’s just leaning casually against him, he has no sense of grasp or control over the guy he’s using to absorb bullets. Try getting him to wrap his arm around the hostage’s neck or some type of stress position because right now he can easily break from his grasp

In this position the hostage taker has more control of his hostage and is also easily covered from any gunfire that might be directed at them

These PMC ragdolls don’t have good flexibility, so getting his arms to bend more than 30 degrees is impossible, and I don’t have any other decent PMCs.

Use the ragdoll mover then.

Last time I used that it broke a tonne of my other addons, this is the way it’s just going to have to be.[/t]


it’s interesting how most people’s first muzzleflash attempts look almost all the same, usually even using the same stock image

the biggest problem here is that the flash is too bright - it’s glowing white but isn’t casting any light around it, and thus it quite literally has no place in the scene. bright flashes don’t fit a setup like this anyway. when you have neutral lighting - or to be blunt, BLAND or BORING lighting - you’re better off going for bursts of smoke and maybe very very subtle muzzle flame effects instead of big and strong flashes. night-time and other dark scenes are better for proper pyrotechnics.

that stock image was clearly made for heavier guns anyway. or maybe not, but it still looks completely wrong when it’s tiny like that - like you cut its balls off


get the ragdoll mover to work

did you try t-posing everything, and THEN use ragdoll mover?

You didn’t even no-collide them, I really doubt it was just because of the model rigging

Every single time I get a CSS model to Gmod, I always replace their physics file because I know they are going to be really stiff (I use simkas’s physics). It’s not hard, it’s quick and a lot better than doing anything else

BTW, what do you use to record? I’d like to make a quick video sample like that

its a shame whats happening with the welsh steel industry at the moment, the knock on effect will cause great damage after tata sell out

also try zooming in more

Ragdoll mover breaks SCars, HVAP, and WAC. I can’t use it because I actively develop for these addons, plus it’s not currently mounted in the game so I’d lose my scene if I restart because saves don’t like to work 100%.

I never thought of doing that, but I did it and the arm actually wrapped around him. I’ve never had to no-collide a ragdoll before.

How do you replace the physics? Decompile it and recompile it with a better phymodel.smd?


I tried again since you all said my pic was shit.

I added muzzle lights and shell casings all over the place on the floor as well as coming out of the ejection ports.

This thread is mostly about me improving since my picture pointer guy wasn’t online.

Just slap another .phy file that has the same rigging and replace the old one.

If all the bones match (wich always match if the .phy file you are using is on the Valve Biped rig for CSS ragdolls), the ragdoll should have different physics

dupe the muzzle flash and add gaussian blur to one of them, gives it more of a glow

also what you mean by saves dont work 100% and that the ragdoll mover doesnt work with scars and wac, it does for me what goes wrong with it?

They’re still all posed like wooden puppets, sorry.

Also as a rule of thumb - try not to make models face directly at the camera. In particular when trying to make organic poses.

He is not even holding the pistol…

He needed to merge his hand into the gun, that way he can fire using thought while he uses all physical power to continue snuggling his human shield

Obviously my posing is never going to be good enough for you people. I give up. I hate posing because it’s so fucking hard to do without everyone saying it looks like garbage for one reason or another even though I’m happy with it.