Shootout in a Church

And an unedited for you folks to play with (and do much better than I can do)

Muzzleflashes could use some work, I dunno what it is about them but they’re just so off in some way I can’t describe. Posing is ace, and the stitch is wonderful. Great, great job Hunter!

I like it, but like Zerax said, the muzzle flashes could be a bit more different compared to the other ones in the shot, the blood on the dude getting shot could be a bit bloodier.

You need to mess with the lighting instead of just adding a few effects and leaving it at that. The picture just looks too flat and lifeless.

Too much muzzleflashes! And I doubt if you were shooting with 2 guns, you would fire them both simultaniously.
The guy seems to have been shot, aswell. tho his expression shows no pain, nor surprisement over being shot.

The camera angle itself is rather good, but you should have picked a different angle, cuz it doesn’t show much, nor does it show it being a church what so ever.

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I just now noticed there are 2 more guys to the side, WAY to much muzzleflashes! In that split second they ALL pulled the trigger at the EXACT same moment? O.o

Could you please add it light sources for all the guns? If you did, you didn’t place them properly.

Don’t add that glow around the flashes either. I saw a muzzleflash tutorial somewhere; go find it, it might help.

Posing’s not bad.

Real men have shootouts up close and personal.

The dual-welding guy doesn’t looks like he gives even the slightest fuck about the fact that he got shot 2 times.

Not sure he’d feel it that quick… not that I know much about getting shot.

He would be physically moved I imagine though.

screenshots are supposed to be movie like, not realistic… imo.
And eeevn so, he woudl be suprrprised or something, like … well to make the screen better he should have some emotion of paino r surprisning on hjis face

Screenshots are whatever you want them to be.

Unless it’s just fundamentally visually flawed of course.

yeh true.

but! people shuldnt get mad when things arent 100% realistic, cuz mayb they are going for hallywood feeling, like, movie like.

shit i cant type for shit rit now

I have to admit, I stared at your avatar longer than I did the picture :v:


It all depends on the type of bullet.
If they were FMJs it is possible that he might not even feel it goin with adrenaline and other sorts of shit.
Hollow-points, he would be in deep pain and probably knocked over.
Fragmentation-Well… Beyond pain.

The flashes all look awful. It’s dark, so for once the fucking things actually make sense, but you’re going about it wrong. Regardless of flash or no flash, a fair amount of smoke and unburnt powder spews out of the muzzle with every shot; ‘smokeless’ powder is called that because it doesn’t send up a massive plume like black powder does, but it still makes a mess. Every time you fire a weapon, a small mushroom cloud comes out of the muzzle. If there’s a flash, it’s going to light that up (the flash is actually the unburnt powder in that cloud being ignited), if there’s not you’ll see the smoke anyway. When a flash does appear, it doesn’t last very long, so the fact all these ones look identical makes it pretty hard to take seriously - they’d all have to be firing at the exact same time, which is just ridiculous.

Lighting (or lack thereof) needs addressing, badly. In addition, DO NOT EVER use a blood spatter brush for impacts or wounds. Use the default brush and draw it on yourself, or just don’t put it in there at all if you’re not confident in your ability to do so.

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Yeah but the whole ‘cinematic’ thing and all it entails (huge flashes with every shot, every bullet is an insta-tracer, black bars, brown, dust, etc.) is getting old and boring and realism actually looks a lot more interesting in pretty much every regard. Not necessarily better (well, in my opinion it sure is, but I’m tired of trying to persuade people so I won’t enforce that) but definitely more visually interesting. There are colours, there’s variation between weapons, and there aren’t lines all over the goddamn place. Tracers are like the movie makers’ means of explaining who’s shooting at where to retarded audiences.