Shootout in a club + Bonus

I know about that bright… “Thing” in the ceiling in the first pose, I screwed up with filters/editing


+Double bonus:

Edit: SHIT! I posted the UN-edited version of that last pose, theres no flamethrower flames or other goodies. (Also thats an old pose so it has the FPS counter, sry)


Um. Right.

What the fuck.

Odd to say the least, the posing is mediocre.

Line of sight, or taking it in mind, is crucial. The head of the shooting guy in the first one is just looking randomly somewhere, like even his eyes are, almost as if the head isn’t being frozen to the world at all. The faceposing isn’t really fitting either.

Then the editing: the “muzzleflash” looks like color-modded RS2 (yes, RuneScape) gas/steam. Just translucent circles on top of each other, nothing like a muzzleflash. The blood is actually alright, but a bit too bright and 2D. few know how to do blood correctly though, so it doesn’t stand out as much.

The second one is just randomness. Pure solid randomness. I mean wtf, a normal guy in a HL2 setting with a Chicago gangster era weapon, flapping it around like a pencil. Wut?

Not going to do the bonus just out of laziness, but I could even say it’s the best of the bunch. Seriously posed, edited alright, although slightly dark and dull.

In the first picture the posing is really stiff
and the muzzle flash looks a little cartoonish.