Shop addons working on ZS?


I’m looking for shop addons working on zombiesurvival!
I know PointShop but i didn’t like PS.

Thx :slight_smile:

Have you tried I know it’s not really popular, but it works!.

Also, if you are wondering why I am being a douche:

Help modding doesn’t mean help looking for mods.

Yeah this would probably be better suited to general discussion.

This having been said I’ve been driven to write my own shop mod because all the public ones are soooooo bad. Sadly shopping is really something that just needs to be customised to your server and gamemode to really make it an enjoyable experience and useful to players, players don’t want to buy items that are useless or out of place with the gamemode.

I would recommend integrating a shop directly into your gamemode if that’s an option though something gives me a feeling you don’t really know how to code… and no I will not do this for you.