Shop and money

I will buy money system and shop system.

Steam :

Skype : liskar09

fooor what? theres this thing called “implementation” where you implement this shop into a gamemode so it actually does something.

whats this shop for and where are you going to use it? (what gamemode etc)


ewwww fretta :frowning: i can make you a shop that sits on top of the gamemodes (it wont interact with the gamemode or get player stats or anything like that) but i can do that if you need.

need a little more info like whats going in the shop? is it going to be one of those stupid hat shops?

We need a system of money, but money can buy: Hats, player models, and even that is not either.

To simplify everything that’s been said:
Give specific info on what you want done.
Hats, player models?

I don’t see why you wouldn’t use the already made PointShop if that’s all you’re asking for…