Shop NPC?

Hello im just triying to make a npc that it doesnt move and only plays the IDLE anim also when you press E on him i would like to call my own function and also letting it being added on Hammer

so any help or hints are very appreciated!

Use the wiki before you make a topic.

As for letting it being added to Hammer, I don’t know about that. Sorry.

i tried that and i dident found a way to spawn it on gmod

[lua]function SpawnNPCs()
local NPC = ents.Create(“EntityName”);
NPC:SetPos(Vector(x, y, z));
NPC:SetAngles(Angle(x, y, z));
hook.Add( “InitPostEntity”, “spawnnpcs”, SpawnNPCs)[/lua]

To get the x,y,z coordinates, go in GMod on the map you want the NPC on, go to the spot in the map, type getpos in console and copy the numbers.

it works!!! thanks a lot man