Shop/ Store display racks with clothes

I’ve been looking around for clothing rack models all over and can’t seem to find any. I could make the racks myself in hammer, but it wouldn’t look anywhere near as good as a modeler could make. A friend of mine like to build her own shops and such, but there are no models to use. Could be a good help to others, and hell i might start up a map again if i could get my hands on some. Just any clothes on racks, displays, shoe box stacks, and mannequins.

Any takers? May be willing to throw some cash your way for the work.

If you have any reference pictures I can try. I know it’s only a clothing rack but you just never know what exactly people want.

Alternatively if someone could just make store clothes models [like hanging up] by themselves i could just make the racks myself in Hammer. The clothes are more what we are looking for.

Left 4 Dead 2 content? Sorry, I don’t know if you can compile them to work in hammer, just suggesting.

A mannequin seems like a fun thing to model, I’ll give it a shot :slight_smile:

Edit: For anybody who needs it, mannequin and shoebox model: Download URL