Shopping Mall Collab

Shit, that means my store will never see the light o’ day.


I brought this up in the gm_community thread, and I’m now getting off my ass to do something for once.

Here’s the template:
It’s a simple 384x384 store that’s untextured, unfurnished and undetailed.

**- Right now, there is no final map. I will make one as stores are being added.

  • It will have two floors, with 19 stores on the first floor, and 20 on the second floor.
  • Maintenance tunnels may run along the back of the mall.
  • A fountain will sit in the center.
  • There will also be restrooms, a skylight, and a manager’s office.
  • Mall music is present, with a button in the manager’s office to toggle it.
  • This will be the music used:


  • Custom materials and models are acceptable.
  • Any Source game can be used.
  • Sounds and music are acceptable.
  • If something doesn’t look or sound right, I may modify it a bit.
  • You can add more walls if necessary (don’t go outside the template).
  • Signs should be added above the entrance.
  • When you finish a store, group everything before uploading it.

For now, the current “submit by” date is **February **[del]2nd[/del] [del]9th[/del] [del]12th apparently[/del] when the mall’s full. I will accept late submissions.

You can make a store, a restaurant, or whatever you can think of. Just have fun doing it!

I have given TurtleeyFP the role of making the main mall itself, since it’s been far too stressful for me.

gman_freeman has stepped up as head manager for the map.

**[del]I’m back in the saddle![/del]

I hope this follows through. The office collab from whenever back failed and was upsetting because the OP disappeared. I’ll enter.

Sure why not, I’ll contribute for once.

Im interested, out of curiosity would we be allowed to take up two slots(stores) side by side?

Like putting two store together and removing the wall separating them?

Yea, exactly

I can make an exception. Maybe putting you on the second floor so I’d have an even 38 stores.

Okay, not sure if I will do it, but its good to know I have to opportunity in case im feeling creative enough.

That makes me think of catfishtango’s mall map from 2006. I wish that was released, it was amazing. I hope this one can replace it.

I have a theme in mind, count me in!

I’m down for this. Sign me up.[/t]

What is it?

It’s a medical place. I thought people would be able to tell with the giant blue cross.

This is a great opputinity for cool easter eggs, I’m in

It just looks a bit funny.

Yeah, you’re right. I guess it’s not very coherent and I have some obsession with using the white dev textures and wood flooring.
I’ll make something more realistic next time. :smile:

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You can replace the wood with a tile texture if you want.

I think it’s more that you’re using grungy half life 2 props in a nice, clean white room.

And that fact that I see not a single light fixture…

I checked the VMF and there’s spotlight sources on the window and entryway.