short conversion out of range

I am trying to compile Crysis Korean Jeep, but I keep getting “ERROR: short conversion out of range 41952” in StudioMDL. Now I know what this error means, thats why I tried dividing the model into two references. Doesnt work either. Then I tried compiling with only the reference without the biggest part (carrosserie): that worked. Also tried bodygroup trick: doesnt work. I have already compiled models with greater polycounts than this one, I really dont understand this. 3ds max says 36k polys, while my previous cars had 39k - 43k and they compiled.

Please, help!

The issue isn’t polygon count as far as I know, but vertex count. It’s possible there’s a lot of of ngons in the model which make the polycount look lower than it is (the whole thing get’s converted into tris for the game as far as I know.)

If Milkshape3D measures this correctly, I am not over source engine limit:
19338/32767 vertices
36076/10000 polygons sounds way too much, yes, but my other cars were much more detailed and compiled in one single reference. But this is weird, shouldnt vertex count be 3 times higher than polycount? :