Short, simple ragdoll test videos

A walking ragdoll. I tested it going up and down stairs. I didn’t use any E2. I just made it follow me using the delta turret principle, kept it upright with a gyroscope, made it walk by welding the feet to two two props adv. ballsocketed slaved to the main body but axised to a wheel. The two props are offset like a bike pedals so that when the wheel rotates, one foot moves infront of the other similiar to normal walking.

Nothing special. It’s a ragdoll strapped to a chopping contraption. I just thought it was cool to do.

Simple contraptions, but I thought they looked cool. If anyone wants to post with their own stuff, feel free.

There’s a tutorial on youtube i think.

A bit simpler, but same idea.

I’m aware that there is a tutorial on feet axised to the wheel itself, but the ragdoll usually floats in the air.