Short Sleeved Citizens

Here’s something that many people have been waiting for and something that I’ve been taking really long to finish and release. A much improved remake of my old short sleeved citizen models.

All 9 models have 4 skins with different coloured shirts.
To switch between different skins, look at the ragdoll in gmod, open up your console, then type in “ent_fire !picker skin” and a number from 0 to 4 (that is 0, 1, 2, 3 or 4)

The models have normal maps made by DrDean (AKA A big ass (AKA ssa gib A))



Looks pretty sweet.

There’s something weird with their shoulders/neck… mmh.

They do not have manly shoulders.

If I had to criticize it (AND I DO) I’d say the tops are a bit big. They make the head seem small.

Looks cool though

Right arm, right around the hand. What is that? Looks like a error of some sort.

Either wise it looks fantastic.

Their forearms look like they masturbate on an hourly basis.

These guys look hench.

Wow it’s about time we had some short-sleeves. The arms look fairly large though.

Cool models.
Can I modify the textures to make a private model?lol


Awesome, now give them amazingly short hawaiian shorts.

There’s a noticable edge on every citizen’s left forearm. Is that the texture or the UV map’s problem?

Fuck AR3’s, these guys could wrestle hunters to the ground.

I think that some of the shirts would look good with some dirt on them.

i know im busting balls here because of how hard it is to make natural looking skin, but the skintone is too clean.
(Seriously i’ve been trying to make/find a clean hand skin for css hands.

Really cool, but texture colour on dark skinned guy’s hands is kinda wrong.
And i just noticed their arms are really unproportional to rest of body, should be more skinny…

I see you didn’t fix the arms.
Looks like they have been :jerkbag:

Something else is off, but I can’t put my finger on it.

Simkas, I’ve been waititng for this for 2 years. Thanks, you’re awesome, have my babies.

I helped with the normal maps. :3


Here, have my babies.

Looks very cool.