Short-Sleeved DOD:S Guys and Nazi Zombie Combo Pack

[release][tab]Name:[/tab] Short-Sleeved DOD:S Guys and Nazi Zombies

[tab]Description:[/tab] Just some headhacks of the DOD:S soldiers using Simka’s short-sleeved citizens. The helmets and equipment come in bodygroups for each soldier! :v:

[tab]Download: Short-Sleeved Soldiers[/tab] DOWNLOAD NOW!
[tab]Download: Nazi Zombies[/tab]

[tab]Credits:[/tab] Wile E. Coyote and xCronusx for the textures and Simka for the short-sleeved citizens.[/release]

Images for added effect:

OMG! This is awesome! i ever wanted nazizombies <3

VERY nice.

You should have made their eyes glow. $selfillum

I tried adding that line to the VMT, but it never worked for me.

Oh snap, these are awsome!

where are the helmets

They can be added using the bodygroup command or the tool.

o thank you

I’m surprised


:smiley: You make me happy,add Japs next? :open_mouth:

Well, I don’t have any models that would look like a Japanese Marine.

The NZ models are good and useful.

Am I the only one who clicked the link thinking it was going to be the WaW Nazi Zombie Models?

wow you have bloo beat

There is a Jap model in my Kuma War pack, It looks like a dod:s model you can use it if you want. Very nice btw.


The zombehs.
Do their eyes glow in the dark?

Sadly, no. I can’t figure out how to get $selfillum to work.

When I saw Nazi Zombies, I thought you Ported them from COD:WAW, but these will hold for now.

This is the closet thing we have to the WaW Nazi Zombies, at least intill either Bloo or somebody else finally releases them(IF they release them)