"Shot down"

Got bored,Here ye go v:v:v


try to feather the flare/flash next time.

how so? im pretty weird with muzzle flashes

The picture looks fuzzy and realistic, while the muzzle flare looks pasted on. I agree with Partent, just use some sort of feather or blur effect in Photoshop or something to make the flare look like part of the picture.

Aye, thanks mate

space nazis with g3s and americans with m16s


Future-ish WW1.

This a scene build? if not what map is that?

needs more trenchcoats and hip fired maxim guns :v:

HL2 canal map

What’s up with those gas masks? That huge opening at the bottom wouldn’t save you from any gas!


The posing is pretty good, but the composition of the guy shooting and guy being shot is kinda weir- oh shit those blood effects are great

Highlight of the picture IMO, i’d love to see a tutorial on that.

makes them feel save at last.

sweet muzzleflash!

I like it, good posing.

But the guys (who’s getting shot) throat look wierd…

Maybe, I make them myself.

Pistol posing is way off. One would outstretch their arms more holding a C96 one-handed, and their fingers would be more tightly wound around the grip, as it is very narrow.

That gun the guy on the right is firing… it has no magazine?

The magazine is internal, it loads through the top from a stripper clip.


Ah, my mistake.