Shot Registration


I was just wondering if you know how sometimes you shoot someone and you see the blood come out, but no hitmarker pops up and they don’t lose health? Well, I was wondering is that actually a bug? Or is it just when a misleading tracer hits them so it will show up like that. Thanks.

what do you mean by “a misleading tracer”? I think they lose hp no matter if theres a hit marker or not, as long as you see blood coming out. Ive hit a guy several times without any hit markers showing, and he died.

I’m assuming client interpolation is to play there. Sometimes the bullet doesn’t register server although it registered client.

The tracer is not actually where you’re hitting, if blood splatters it does not mean you hit the person. The tracer has a delay to it unlike the shot you take which hits were you’re looking right away. That has been my experience with it anyways.

Yea, at the moment the tracer is what shoots out the blood when it hits something. When it shoots out blood and you get no hit indicator its because what you were shooting at moved into the tracer of a missed shot.

We’ll fix that up soon

So the bullets are hitscan?

The tracer is just aesthetic. You hit exactly where you shoot.

Don’t think so; specially with the MP5 I can clearly see on long distance how some bullets get in a slightly different direction. But we never can be sure unless the devs say something about this.

The bullets are definitely hitscan. If you notice when you shoot a person at a distance say, with an M4, the hit marker appears immediately. There is no travel time, parrot is right about the tracers being aesthetic.

Oh ok, i really thaught that the bullets had travel time and so on… But yeah when i think about it now it doenst fit in:) nice to know and i hope they will fix that.