Shot taken through Russian APC viewport

But it really just looks like blackbars.

I like the idea… but like an actual view through a APC’s gun port… it is very poor and hard to tell what is going on… so I guess you win the prize!

I like it. Don’t know about anyone else.
Good job man!

what you could have done, rather than that, is create a black box on the bottom with a brighter rectangle on top. that way when you blur it adds a sense of depth and you can understand what it is rather than some 2006 attempt at trying to make a picture look like it’s from a movie.


posting example. stand by…


add highlights on the bottom and WHAM you’ve got depth

Yeah, I could have done that, except I did this picture with two metal panels coloured black in front of a windowpane prop. There’s no editing.

you could do the same ingame.

garrys mod features a very nifty (and unknown) set of tools which are totally premo. for example, there are some paint tools you can use called dark and light which do just that - they pretty much get dropped and burn/brighten an object. you could just use dark paint and spray it on three or four times and still retain the highlight value of placing down a lamp/light facing the camera. same effect could be applied.