Shotbow Sticky Flak Gun

I’ve had an idea for a gun after I downloaded the Archers Crossbow. Would it be possible for a gun to shoot a spray of crossbow bolts that had the same properties as the HL2 Crossbow? And I mean that they would nail people to walls. Like a shotgun, but shot maybe 6 and with a regular shotgun spray. Also, would it be possible for it to shoot a bunch of sticky grenades? It would probably be something like
Primary Fire: Shoots 6 Crossbow Bolts
Secondary Fire: Shoot 6 Sticky Grenades
Or maybe a combination of Use+Mouse 1 would change it from Crossbow to Sticky Grenades? So that the secondary fire on both settings would shoot 12 but use up much more ammo. A regular HL2 Shotgun model would be fine. Of course it would be Admin Only. I’m tired of overpowered guns that just shoot a bunch of explosions or a spray of 100000 damage bullets, and would very much like it if this SWep was attempted. I would take no credit besides the idea.