Shotgun Crew OCRP Is Up!


Gamemode was working fine when it got released. Catalyst got it working in half an hour. Assmod breaking isn’t our fault.

Well When i saw it All the menus were Broken cars and would not spawn.And our Ass mod works 100%

You’re supposed to set it up correctly…

Well we did Sql and every thing but just the one we got was broken but we fixed it.

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+assmod too

herpaderp, obviously assmod was broken as the update broke it. it’s not the gamemode’s fault that your sql is broken. and the cars, next time make sure you have the models and carscripts installed on your server…

Might want to fix the exploits before putting it public

we made our own and im not saying its your fault Ass mod broke but im just saying we fixed it

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12 million in what, 1 or 2 minutes of going on?.

Danish and gamemodes, do not match.

You made your own mysql? wait what are you talking about?

So what’s your server ip?

  • We made our own Car scripts not sql

did you not notice that part? this is kinda in your server

[Update Im Adding a Patch right now to fix exploits]

You prob don’t even know the exploits…

I wish you never released this Darth :(, I hope this doesn’t get thrown around like DarkRP.

The exploit is some hack that edits the the players CFG and instead of Giving 60 $$ every 5 mins its 6000000$$ every 2 mins.

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Admin plz Close this thread


Why does your content pack link to another community’s website?

its to much content to upload

Too bad. Upload it yourself.