Shotgun mod

I suggest a choke mod for shotgun. Make spread cone less, at expense of few pellets (for balance sake)?

It would be less complicated to introduce varying shot shell ammunition types, such as bird shot vs. slug.

But the cone of spread wouldn’t be reduced. Its absurd right now.

That’s not necessarily true, if you’re shooting a 00buckshot over a 7birdshot you’re gonna inherently have a much tighter group of pellets.

It’d be cool to see birdshot, buckshot, slugs

The question is how they would implement this. Right now the shotgun just grabs the first shells out of your inventory when you reload. Maybe it should allow you to hold the reload button, and select the ammo type to use (which would empty out however many shells are still in there), then tapping the reload button would cause it to reload with the selected ammo type.

Perhaps on the hud next to the ammo count could be a shell type and you can press a button that changes ammo type and would pull ammo from whatever slot that ammo type is in