Shotgun Murder On Rust

This guy had just attempted to raid my base so i had fun killing him in a cool way

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Wow, you took six shots to kill him the same way anyone else would kill someone, very impressive. Move on.

Shitty aim, the enemy had almost no equipment and I think he didn’t even try to raid you (he ran away from a wolf).

Some people just need views so bad…

didn’t look like he was raiding your base. also how would he without c4 or gernades???

eh, video was kind of pointless, not going to hate on it because yeah i do kill people who are geared on sight.

People hate KoSers, but point is, if you have gear, yah ima kill you ;), if i see you gathering, ima kill you.

If you have any gear, odds are you have a gun, knowing other players on rust, you probably want my stuff. Pick you off before you do me :smiley:

Gathering? Well… its easier to let people go gather for you and you collect from them.

I have made entire little villages my “bitch” so to say basically they pay me for “protection” lol the options are endless in this game.

Yeah i can be an asshole in game, but i can also be the nicest guy you’ll ever meet :D… depends on how you look at me.

I guess it was cool because you sniped him with a shotgun?

Sniping with 6 shots?

I was more less refering to the killing blow. Yes 6 shots though, not very impressive. I was hoping by the sound of murder to see like a group of 6 all get one shotted. :frowning: I should lower my standards

6 guys getting 1 shotted! i could try it xD

I killed 4 yesterday with 5 shots. It was a 1v4 raid, maybe I should record and post videos also :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice man! wish my shot was that good… I’m getting better as time goes on but still I’m just shocking at shooting :slight_smile:

Gotta love that headbob

thats why i made the vid

I thought you made it to show us how you killed an innocent ‘raider’. :v:

And to get views.

Am I the only one who notice how his brightness changed in a second? It looked like it was somewhere at dawn, then in a second looked like day?

Probably day only server.

It’s a day only server so as soon as it starts getting dark, they turn it day again

nope i made the video to entertain

But it’s not entertaining me.

this video linked by youtube was much more fun to watch: