Shotgun Range and spread

This game, just like almost every game with a shotgun weapon has EXTREMELY exaggerated shotgun spread and low range. The only game I’ve played recently which got a shotgun almost right is Red Orchestra/Rising Sun. In case the developers(Which I’m sure they aren’t) and players aren’t aware, a shotgun with buckshot is still accurate up to at least 50 yards, with fairly tight groupings with any choke. In the last update it seems that they made the spread and range even worse, the shotgun already had horrible damage and the only way to one shot a zombie is at point blank range, even then only one or two pieces of shot will hit the target. I would suggest that the devs try taking a shotgun out to a range with some buckshot and learning how it works for themselves. I hope I’m not alone in thinking that the shotgun should be changed to a useful weapon, there’s a reason no one ever uses it in raids. Even at close range everyone still chooses an M4 because the shotgun is so useless. Just as an example, here is a video of some rednecks firing buckshot at a deer target from 80 yards. Am I alone in thinking that the shotgun should have some hint of realism in how it behaves in the game? I understand this isn’t supposed to be an uber realistic simulation, but it really pisses me off every time I play a game with a shotgun in it and it’s like the developers have no knowledge or research on how weapons behave in real life.

The damage also needs to be addressed and increased to at least a useful level. I think there is a belief in the gaming community that shotguns are only useful across a room or in CQC.

Maybe this will show you that buckshot should be much more devastating.

I agree that the spread on the shotgun is stupidly all over the place.

The shotguns are completely useless. Its very annoying since two of the best looking and most enjoyable weapons (pipe and handcannon) are useless when you can just make a 9mm which outperforms the shotguns in every way.

One of the great things about shotguns is the different ammo types, why not include flechette shells with a greater range and a higher cost?

what? in close quarters shotguns are very very good. thats what they are… a close quarters combat weapon. dont expect to be 100 yards away from someone and hit them. thats what pistols and m4’s are for.

most shotguns are considered lethal up to 40 yards then its dangerous up to 100 past 100 well you might as well use a slingshot.

You are a moron, not only do you not have any knowledge of firearms, you didn’t watch the proof I posted. Hell, shotguns with a good slug are accurate and very lethal up to 200 yards. Even if you were right, the shotguns in the game aren’t even close to accurate or lethal at 40 yards.

i beleive you are very wrong. please reread your manuals or whatever sources you’ve used.

yes some specially made bullets from shotguns can be lethal at 100+ but common be reasonable. rust isn’t going to have “awesome shotgun bullet killing at 200 yards recipe”

00 Buck can hit targets up to fifty to one hundred meters easy.

I have owned and fired shotguns since I was about 10 years old. I’m not saying that the shotgun needs to have a range of 100 yards in Rust. I’m just saying that the state of the shotgun right now is shit.

arguing to buff the shotgun due to realism doesn’t make very much sense when the reload animation involves the player FLIPPING THE GUN INTO THE AIR twice just to look fancy and waste time, and then it’s a canned “reload 3 rounds” regardless of if you’re reloading 1 or 8 or anywhere in between. i mean come on.

at any rate, the shotgun in-game is an extremely fast killer in very close quarters combat. i would definitely choose it over an m4 when fighting inside a building, every time. it’s not going to get buffed to be as accurate as it realistically is because that would make it far too effective. its role is close combat, and that’s what it does better than any of the other guns.

That is ridiculous, but I was under the assumption that the shotgun, m4, and p250 are probably just models and animations that were ported into the game as placeholders.