Shotgun Reload sound (per bullet inserted) not working correctly?

I’m using Mad Cows weapon base and I’m using custom sounds, but I cant make a reload work correctly.

This is the code:


  1. The reload animation happens, but It either makes no reload sound or multiple shell loading sounds. I’m trying to get it so it makes a shell loading sound depending on the bullets needed (If I shot 2 bullets, it should make 2 shell loading sounds).

  2. When I reload an empty clip, the first shell is 2 bullets (it goes from 0 bullets to 2)

Any fixes for this? Gmod wiki doesn’t have an answer for these problems.

Also, I’ve tried basing this off the M3 shotgun, but it doesn’t work, so please don’t suggest that.

Thats because the think function in SP and mp doesnt get called correctly, sounds should NOT be put in a think function, it is a ludicrously stupid idea, Main reason? its getting called multiple times or it isnt being processed properly, Wich happens with think when things are looped.

then how do I fix it?