shotgun spray

The shotgun spray is actually wtf, he need to be adjusted, maybe decrease the spray of 30 / 40 % the shotgun is actually usable only at 0.5 meter . plz, balance this gun, he need that to be played normally

wut? i dont even…
edit: okay lemme break this sentence down for people who like me didn’t understand it.
Shotgun shots arent bullets, they’re actually "wtf"s that blast into your enemies. These "wtf"s are have a gender, are masculine, and need to be adjusted because they have too much damn attitude! One way that this might be achieved is to decrease spraying - seriously people, just say wtf instead of spraying it. If the world could lower their wtf spraying by 30/40%, it would be golden. Worst of all is these little "wtf"s only work for half a meter because the darn gun wasn’t made properly. It’s doesn’t have its weight distributed properly at all. We need to balance the darn thing to increase its “wtf” spitting power so that the darn wtfs can play the game normally with us.

Haha, google translate strikes again!

Try to speak French guys just for laugh