shotgun swep

ok ive looked at other sweps and im trying to make one but i cant get my shotgun to show up in the spawn queue, here is my code, there is more but i am only posting this part of it

if ( SERVER ) then

AddCSLuaFile( "shared.lua" )

SWEP.HoldType			= "ar2"


if ( CLIENT ) then

SWEP.PrintName			= "blade shotgun swep"
SWEP.Author				= "darkwolf0"
SWEP.Slot				= 2
SWEP.SlotPos			= 3
SWEP.IconLetter			= "k"

killicon.AddFont( "weapon_bladeshotgun", "CSKillIcons", SWEP.IconLetter, Color( 255, 80, 0, 255 ) )


(it comes up in my model folder for spawnable props but the model doesnt show up and it doesnt show up in the weapons tab)

Usually when a SWEP doesn’t show up in the spawn que, it’s because it contains lua errors and its script failed to load on startup. Type lua_reloadents in the console, and see if an error message pops up about a lua error in the filename of your SWEP script.