Shotgun Tears Zombie In Half

Second Facepunch screenie. No gimp editing, only in-game editing. Tell me what you think, but please use constructive criticism.

Pretty good! :smiley:
The muzzle flash needs to make a glow,but only an editing program can do that. get gimp :Dx2

Looks like TF2 blood…

It’s okay for a second pose, though.

Neon blood.:colbert:

Blood is not so bad.
Muzzleflash needs work.
Posing is good!

Thanks alot man!

Are you making jokes of me dude?

Wtf? Why thanking me for a rating?
Im really confused now!

Im not joking. I’m thankful that i’m getting constructive criticism and that you are telling me what to improve on.

Btw maybe download other zombie models
The Half-Life ones sux!

doesn’t make much sense, but whatever.


When you get tf2 content in gmod the tf2 blood overrides the hl2 blood emitter. I have the same problem :frowning:

Well this is a pretty good pose, however as the others say, try to get some custom zombie models. Other than that for the muzzle flash use a light tool in front of the barrel of the shotgun/rifle/etc. This will light up your character and their weapon.
Here are some good-looking non-Photoshop skins for your regular muzzle flash they look a lot better than the default ones!

Posing on the rebel dude need’s a BIT of work, the fingerposing suck’s. The posing on the zombie’s are pretty bad. The blood is ugly. For JUST in-game editing, it’s okay…

“The fingerposing suck’s”? Lol.

Some people still have the TF2 blood problem.

IMO, TF2 blood’s better. :q:

Ofcourse that would never happen though.

Shotgun isn’t aimed where the zombie is hit.
And if that’s because of the recoil, then the muzzle flash wouldn’t be there anymore.

The blood is just way to light

You should buy Half Life 2: Episode 2 for better blood emiter.


Buy HL2: Episode 2 it will fix the error.