Shotguns don't do any damage

Just found out that shotguns don’t do any damage although it looks like it. Cheers

Seems to be the same with grenades. Possibly something with the new hitboxes?

I hope. Guy took my now useless shotgun :stuck_out_tongue:

shotgun 2 da dik does lotsa damg.

A friend naked went hatchet vs a shotgun and win…now i see why the other guy called him hacker LOL

dude, I JUST read about that in this other post.

It should but it doesn’t. Apparently the hitboxes are bugged maybe? It’s hitting but not doing damage os maybe damage value is at zero.

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Haha lolcoppter and i are in a house and these guys tried to break in

I know it doesn’t do any damage, I was just messing around :3

it’s probably not damage value as they worked before…

Could somebody with a shotgun try to shoot a deer, zombie or pig and tell us if it does damage?

Try it yourself man me and my friend legit fired into each other.

why don’t you just leave your house for a second and do it…

Do what exactly?

grab your shotgun and shoot a deer.

Don’t have a shotgun, nor the metal to craft it.

Why would I need to do that?

because you’re a beta tester and joined this community to help

pls :3

I will try (with that shotgun he failed to killed a naked guy).

But we need to wait for server come online.

I’ve already tested it, no reason to keep doing it.

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Ites, so it’s shotgun damage problem,

unless all the models got a new hitbox system, the damage for shotgun is 0

You tested on PLAYERS. But if you’d want to test the hitbox theory, you’d have to test it on something a shotgun always has worked on.