"Shots fired, Shots fired!

I was using my parents Desktop Computer Moniter since it’s 1080p.
My Laptops display is 1366x768 – Difference…
So again i rendered another picture in Adobe After Effects CS6 and i made this.
Also i had to use a map from Half Life 2 since the paint tool in GMod won’t display paint on maps currently… :’<
Since i’ll be using a 1080p moniter and picture quality is out of the way, what should i improve on?


What the fuck is going on with the leftmost guys legs? :v:

Its just the angle that made it look weird.

Choose a better angle then, from this angle his arms and legs look all weird.

Super DOF does that.

Or just rearrange his limbs so they don’t look weird without changing the angle. Also the filter effect you used looks really bad. I guess it was supposed to be snowing, am I wrong?

No just a dirty overlay.

Make up your mind

What? This was the best possible camera angle i could get. I didn’t want to risk making it worse. As for the Super DOF, i’ll go easier on that.

The lack of a background does not seem right to me. It could just be a map, but i agree the angle could be better. Try taking the shot from multiple angles then coming back later and deciding which one you think looks the best.

I didn’t save…

Looks pretty good