Should a door be able to belong to more then 1 player?

Maybe it could be possible to enlist other players to ownership of each door so they can live in the same house as of who built it and not have to need the original player to open the door for them to get inside or out. This would save time and make the gameplay better in my view. I would like to have a team within my fort and only need one door so if I am not online they dont need their own door and can use the main entrance.

This would make bases a hundred times cheaper.

True, but if your logged off and you have friends online when you cant be they can look after your stuff and keep looters away if they can handle them.

I don’t mean like that. I mean they’re overall cheaper and smaller because you don’t need 4 hallways. If this was added the base design I’m working on will be a lot easier.

oh, ya thats true. I just think there will be so many benefits to this if it is added to the game.

On one of the posts a dev said they want different types of locks; key locks that can be picked, numpad locks, etc.

Thats not a bad idea, but would they make the key a item? if so then I would like to have copies of that key, but I’m not sure how they will try to do that in the game.

Heh. Key item.

You die -> Killer has access to all your doors -> stop playing forever.

ya I think it should just be like adding a friend and giving them permission to open the door in the settings.
no key to be dropped. a lock can still be picked with lock picks, or busting down doors is a way to go if you want a cool entrance to visit someone.