should all stools affect all npc's?

i have gmod (cant play it at the moment, computer “trouble”)

and i think that we should be able to use all stools on any npc

i think someone said it was in gmod 3, but yeah i think this would be a good idea

YES, please! I hate it when my Igniter doesn’t work on Combine Elite(s).

imagine welded together striders

…or roped…or ball and socketed

Headcrabs welded to fast zombies!
Gunships welded to antlions!

or… a sled pulled by zombies on leads! closest i have at the moment is a sleigh pulled by harnesed rollermines

i have an idea


a sled, you hear this?

pulled by houndeyes chasing after something

also, i have an awesome idea

i can make this soon

robots made with manhacks, prop resizer stool, weight stool, and lots of panels

It doesn’t work out.

oh it will, trust me, it will

or ill use roller mines

also, why is it not default for tools affecting npc’s (and players for that matter)