Should FP start focusing on optimizing the game instead of adding new stuff?

As many of you know, Rust requires a pretty good computer so you could run it, this is what stops from low end players enjoying the game (Like for example me).

I know it is Early Access, but optimizing it wouldn’t hurt.

why would you optimize something that you dont intent too keep ingame?

It’s a difficult one, on one side people don’t want to play at 10fps, another side surely (I’d imagine) it is be more efficient to optimize at the end. I guess in normal development you’d do that, but being early access and all that jazz, you need a bit of both to make the game playable to the early adopters/testers

My GPU is literally a hd radeon 7970 from 2013, still doesn’t drop below 60, so not sure what’s wrong with your end.

I play rust on a 2011 Macbook pro, and the specs are kinda shitty. The battery is half broken, and when I play rust I get around 35-60 FPS. I did put the graphics on low though, but if my half broken potato can run Rust well, I don’t think the game needs optimizing.

The team seems to be doing a lot of both optimizing and adding new content all the time, if the dev blogs are anything to go by.

I believe Garry is applying lessons he learned from the success of Garrysmod: If you never stop adding new content to your game, it will never stop selling. That isn’t a bad thing.

The game is constantly being optimized. I see almost every devblog a small section on someone saying how they have improved performance in XYZ area. In fact just after the last patch alone my game runs so much better, I see no more annoying frame rate spikes or extremely low FPS after an hour of playing. The problem is that implementing new things is often the reason they both need to do future optimizations and I guess sometimes how they notice that there is room for making some things faster.

Even after all of that, there is only so much some areas of the game can be ‘optimized’, if the game is already far too intensive for low end hardware then it is unlikely they will magically be able to release a patch that makes it run amazing for everyone so it’d probably be a good idea to manage your expectations of how much of a performance increase you expect to see from the game purely through patches.
If you look at the headlines on Rustafied, it should tell you

Fix issue with integrated graphics on laptop… Cant play normal…

Integrated laptop graphics are not designed to run complex 3D games. You can’t expect them to make a graphics option that looks like this just because your computer is trash: