Should garry change the mapping forum title to something related to compiling decompiled maps?

Given the increase of related threads and posts a new title might help stop the flood
Feel free to post suggestions
The old is

People will still make threads anyway.

Yeah, like this has stopped questions related to servers hosting and addon config.

also don’t forget that we need to make a PSA that you need to launch hammer from a sourcegame/bin

That honestly should be stickied at the top of the forum or something.

We need to get admins to do the following:

  1. Add a rule that prohibits asking for support on decompiled maps.
  2. Enforce the rule via bans.
  3. Also make sure people use the question megathread by closing individual threads with pointlessly small issues and giving their creators short bans / warnings.

More importantly, if someone does want to legitimately mod an original map for a server or something, they should post a screenshot of the email/pm from the creator that shows that they actually have permission, then provide the vmf as a private download.

A new title would be nice though, something like “Nobody wants to play your ‘new’ version of downtown anyways” (but this might be a tad mean to the original downtown creator).

It’s not really that important though.

Current water one is shit

I don’t really think it matters, but yeah.

Well, currently in the rules sticky, it’s just

that is against the rules, but asking for support on decompiled maps is also quite close to that, I suppose.

I browse mapping quite often and I’ll pay more attention to threads asking simple questions; if you notice one that I don’t, feel free to let me know about it and I’ll try to help.

I could also see about setting up a sticky for users trying to set up Hammer, since quite a few people inb the gmod forum too ask without realizing they should be using the CSS one

Off topic, but do you have to use the CSS hammer? I’ve been perfectly fine using Episode 2. (well, gm_ministruct did have issues with reflections, but I think that’s my fault with my sloppy packratting)

I do agree that there should be Sticky post that contains the basic requirements for mapping for Gmod, as well as links to all sorts of sites like, the Valve Dev wiki, David Johnson’s Blog, TopHattWaffle’s tutorials, and [sp]3kiklsphilips tutorials yes I know they teach bad habits but they’re easy to follow and alot of habits can be relearned later on from other sources[/sp].

I don’t know who’d want to do all that work though. If nobody else wants to do it, I can write it up if you all post suggestions for what should be in it. I’m fairly new here and I’ve already mentioned the devil himself [sp]3kliksphilip[/sp], so I can understand if you’d someone else to do it.

Can someone explain to me 3kliks teaching bad habits? I’ve heard that, but after watching the videos I don’t really find anything wrong with them. They’re quick and get the required information across.

He takes shortcuts and doesn’t always explain what the results will cause. For instance in his CSGO tutorials he tells you all about using the vertex manipulation tool, slicing and spheres but doesn’t once mention that doing that without knowing how to optimize will result in awful compile times and framerate so you end up with people on forums saying Source is a sack of shit because their compile time is 2 years. Not to mention his use of the hollow tool for creating a skybox around your map which is another leading cause of 2 years to compile.

Some of his much earlier videos were also really really bad. I want to say he ended up taking one down in which he was saying how it was okay to use carve. He has improved and I think he has potential to be a much better tutorial maker and he has a good speaking voice but at the moment I honestly can’t recommend his stuff due to the above mentioned and the fact that I would roughly guess 3/4ths of the people who ask me for help with figuring out what’s wrong with their maps on steam came from watching his videos and now have half spheres all around their map with a giant skybox to seal it.

“If the first skybox cube doesn’t seal it, make another around it”

Ok i admit, if it was that, the change would totally be ok. The current suggestion seems like just a really lame joke and unnecessary stab at a couple recent threads, of which this so called “flooding” of threads on the topic isn’t really happening anyways.

“Failed to load the default scheme file. The forum view may be missing some visual elements.”

“No we can’t modify the brush limit.”

“Press ALT+F4 to increase the grid size”

A sticky would be a good idea, Including ToppHatt’s Tuts, Mine, Firegod’s and IronPhoenix’s. Along with answers to the most asked questions we get here.

Well, if you or someone else can put together something coherent and easy to read, I’ll definitely see about getting it stickied.