Should garrysmod be able to support VR?

Due to the recent trend of VR experience, i have noticed that a lot of games are now becoming VR compatible in one way or another. I have read some things that VR does not work (as in broken) on Garrysmod.

Since i don’t know what else to say, i’ll just say this.

Do you guys think we should get back to work on VR to make Garrysmod VR compatible? I think we should.

If you guys do decide to work on something for Garrysmod, i have the DK2 if you need some testing.

The idea of being able to drive something or experience ball race or something like that in vr sounds fun as hell

VR does work in gmod, my friend have done it when he had a vr headset.

good job reading, really wish we had bad reading back

There are 3rd party drivers (VorpX) that allow VR in many games.

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But official support would be cool.

I feel it’s a bit gimmicky and not needed for a game like garry’smod. VR is an immersion centered idea so it’s probably only needed for games that put heavy emphasis on graphics and cinematic detail, or were built around having VR as a way of control.

You can’t actually put as much heavy emphasis on graphics in VR since high framerates take priority over graphics. It also wouldn’t be a good idea with gmod right now since its optimization makes it difficult to have consistently high framerates.

Kinda on the fence with this idea. On one hand, it makes it more immersive and will work well with RP and Tower. On the other hand, some addons could cause errors and crashes due to not being compatible with Vr, but it would mostly just be graphical glitches.

-snip, abysmal-

And… Who cares.? Why limit something awesome just because one guy might do that in gmod. In that case we shouldn’t have gmod period! People already make sex poses and junk in gmod. Just don’t look at it and go about your own business.

people are already using VR for unintended purposes. Both good and bad

VR development in my opinion would only be worth and noticeable if another version of GMod comes out.

I think it should be done. I mean we have kinect support which literally no one uses. It’s mostly useful if you are making animations using something like jetboom’s lua animations.

As if you wouldn’t :smug:

Can you give an example?

Well, this has become an interesting topic.

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Implying that no one has done that before

While I Doubt it will be all that useful for regular(multiplayer) GMOD gameplay, it would be fucking amazing just to look at stuff.

I for example want to see what it is like standing in front of a Stargate and walking through it.

There is so much content for GMOD and it is so easy t create stuff in GMOD that VR would be an amazing experience. Roller coasters for example are a quite popular VR demo, with GMOD you could create your very own one very easily.

  1. Start GMod in VR
  2. hop in a HL2 jeep
  3. have someone changing its weight from 1000 to 1
  4. Enjoy the most cracked up seizure experience ever possible.

You know Iron Man? You know how Tony Stark has the cool holographic gadget making software? This is almost to a tee what VR Garrysmod would feel like.

cool very cool agree +1 star XD