Should get a new design?

Well the title says it all!
Have a lil’ discussion on it here.
If they had a better way of finding downloads, maybe a better search filter.
Anyway discuss it here! :slight_smile:

I vote yes, and maybe Garry should have another competition for this, except with a much lower prize since I’m gonna assume that he’d have to spend ages implementing the design into the code.

Have term themes.

Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter.

Spring: logo has an umbrella with a dark grey cloud dropping rain.
Summer: logo is shiny with suncream next to it and a sun above it.
Autumn: logo with a scarf and wind-lines with brown leaves!
Winter: logo with a christmas hat on.

Yeah that’s a good one.

I think that the Search should be improved, when i look for something like a map and i put in the name right. i dont get jack shit of results.

Yeah, that happens a lot to me.

Ya and the should also change the background of the web site. its dull

Refer to my post :3:

So basically, there is alot of things that could be doing with being changed on the site. It just looks old now.


Quality post.

i would also recomend a new search and popular search thing because whenever i c a good upload then the next day i go to download it, its been moved out of the way and i can’t remember it. the list should extend to a next page or make 2 tabs for most popular and newest so u can see more

Make popular a tab, keep all new stuff on the front page.

Gmod logo is replaced by my avatar and the domain is renamed to, I am also made the owner of it and four ranks are added, depending on how many addons you upload, from the first rank onwards:

  1. Cocksucking faggot
  2. Lowlife
  3. Asslicker

Furthermore, if you ever upload a shitty addon, you must post a video where you get impaled on a pike and thrown off from the top of the Empire State Building.

Also, a “Help And Support” button at the top, clicking it will send you with the online support, where a bot trolls you no matter what you say, because you are a retard who cannot do things yourself .

And a “Contact Us” button, which automatically sends me a e-mail, which expresses eternal gratitude for the site.

Finally a forum, where you can swear and insult me, when you fill out the following information required to register:

Social Security ID
Password of your e-mail
Full address
Phone Number
Full name
Credit Card number
PIN code
Expiry date
Picture of yourself and a close up on your face
Blood sample
ZIP code

And also a scan of your birth certificate and passport.

Then, after a quick check with the FBI to make sure the information you typed is valid, you will be able to use the forums and get a free bullet to the head as a reward.