Should Guns be in Rust?

A video about this popular topic in our community of whether or not guns should be in Rust.
I also discuss how this game is evolving into maybe something that was not intended in the first place.
Give me your opinions guys!


Problem is you have xxxxx 10 year olds, they just want modern guns & bang bang

if guns are removed im out :suicide:
the thing they should do is thatif you carry a gun you can see it on their back or something.

m4,s mp5’s p250s etc have no place in rust.

things like the handcannon, pipeshotgun, revolver make sense. The bolt action isnt even that bad. but they should change the attachments a crude scope, a cruder red dot, that kind of thing. There’s no way you go from crafting a bow to being able to form machined weapon parts at a workbench with only primitive tools

they should add more melee weapons, things like crossbows(not modern ones) etc instead of the military grade weapons currently in the game

Yet realistically IF a zombie apoc was to occur in somewhere like the US, there would be military grade / high caliber weapons everywhere, and ironically the things you would find least of would be older revolvers, bows etc

A lot of people play this game for the action fps - I enjoy a bit of building and gathering but only as a means to stock up and raid. If this game were to turn into some sort of scavenger hunt in which I need to gather for 3 hours to make a make shift single shot home-made potato gun, then I and a lot of people won’t even bother with it anymore

Military grade weapons DO belong as rust, as drops. Rare finds in towns. I think they should be weapons like the few that are in stalker. I get the whole euro feel from rust like i did in stalker.

Artifacts would be neat too AS ONLY rare rare drops that are extremely hard to find.

Nice video, I strongly agree with your argument that Rust should devolve its weapons into more primitive handmade style weapons. The environment in the game and the fact you start out with nothing but a rock makes it seem like it’s far into post-apocalypse where any modern weapons that happened to be laying around on that small island would be useless as there’d be no more bullets. Modern weapons should be lootable but bullets be uncraftable and rare, with the option to break down the weapon for parts. Automatic weapons being so prevalent makes it too point and click twitch FPS style, whereas if firearms were simple and only effective at close range it would make the game much more skill-based and balanced for newcomers. Weapons like bows take skill and strategy to use, that skill should be more rewarded more than someone who can point, click and compensate for recoil like in counter-strike.

They dont belong, this isnt stalker, it isnt a zombie apocalypse. They are far too common to find now, less than 2 hrs after a wipe i can craft mp5, m4, and 9mm/p250 handguns. The tools available to a person in rust wouldn’t allow you to craft any of these weapons and with the drop rates on the weapons/blueprints as high as they are you can hardly call mil weps rare.
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rust isnt in the US, and it isnt a zombie apocalypse game either so neither of those points are even relevant to the discussion at all you may have an addiction to the terrible show known as the walking dead though.

And a lot of people play for the building/raiding which btw you dont need m4s etc to raid the bolt action, a shotgun or even a pipe shotgun is more than adequate to raid with. cant count the number of times ive killed people with a revolver vs m4/mp5

Mil weps dont belong in rust, their drops need to be significantly nerfed and their crafting mat requirements significantly increased.

You’ll be sorry to hear that the devs, gary anyway has said they lean more towards realism, at least theyve been quoted as saying so (that means fewer mil weps) and more things like the pipe shotgun. Im sure if they removed the mil weps they’ll be replaced hopefully with things like crossbows etc that would actually make sense in rust’s setting. The game will be fine to be honest most of those who play rust like an fps game wont be around very long anyway.

Is there a PvP bow/arrow server? I think that would be fun to try.

I think all the hi tec weapons should be removed. ESPECIALLY C4.

weapons should stay but

  • they should be unrepairable and have a random durability (1-75) when u find them so that some of them u can use just once and some u can reload 10 times before the weapon breaks permanently. Higher durability weapons should be really hard to find.

  • some weapons that you find will be partially disassembled so that you will need to find/trade the missing parts for that weapon to be able to use it

and maybe more conditions

these are just ones I came up with in 2 min

the idea is the resources are scarce and they have to be used wisely and not to have 100 people with ak47 and m4 running around gunning people with unlimited ammo

I don’t mind high-tech weapons. In a fallout setting of something like Rust (in today’s terms), modern weapons are fairly common. Especially something like a AR-15 or anything of that civilian nature.

IF they were to stay, lets replace the M4 with something that maybe makes a little more sense, like maybe an AK47. Replace the MP5 and P250 with more rugged counterparts (I’m sure you can find this out yourself).

And IF they were to stay, at least make it a little harder to make/find them. It’s not that hard to find a random M4 blueprint off of an animal.

True but at the same time you CoD kiddies bail more of us Voxel fanatic and survivalists will play. So it’s worth it. I think we’ll all be much happier if you just go back to whatever twitch shooter you came from.

Though this thread point is not so pointy, kinda looks like they are already planning on heading the mad max combat route. Which is a good thing, you want mil grade weapons go try any of the other survival clones. Just let this one be different.

They’ve already stated that military weapons and BPs in general will be harder to obtain in time - partial BPs, needing BPs for repair, or other such mechanics are on the way or at least planned.

I agree, the FPS twitch shooter part of this game isn’t where I think it’ll end up.

Nothing will be hard in Rust, simply because if you get a team of 10 peepz you got it all in no time. Doesn’t matter what the droprate is.

If you ask me they shouldn’t have added M4’s and all that stuff, now people get used to it and don’t want it to go. If they never added it then no one would’ve missed it.

Without all the high-tech stuff there already is a slightly good arsenal of “weapons”

Bow is already like… the only thing you need?

another guy who gets asspwned 1v1 with m4/mp5/p250

I like that idea, it could work really well with their new durability system.

corvo has good ideas too

they need to be RARE uncraftable and FINITE and i think it will be fine

fml my edit erased my longwinded post… but corvo had the gist of it.

modern cartridges cannot be craftable in the absence of specialized chemistry equipment.
So the only weapons one could build would be based on the flintlock principle.
That means you start with the hand cannon, move on to flintlock single shot pistol, evolve to flintlock musket and then the upper crafting tier would be a flintlock pepperbox revolver and a double long barreled flintlock rifle.

I really like the idea of evolution in this game, in terms of weapons and stuff. Not many games have that and i would love to see it.