Should hold "X" key + press mouse to transfer loot be implemented?

Easy question, although it can be split up in different categories.

Should it be implemented from loot bags?(Players,NPCs, loot crates)

Should it be implemented in boxes in you’r base?(Storage crates etc.)

I do like that it takes time to loot someones body, I feel like the backpack lock is a terrible idea since it severely punishes fresh spawns that finally kill a geared up player. Which is why most servers have it turned off.

In my opinion it should be implemented for storage crates,furnace, campfires and those things. At least for the player that made them. As looting very quickly while raiding a base is another favor for the raider which already is at an advantage most of the time.

I wouldn’t want it to affect how looting bodies is at the moment, because it would remove a lot of the risk of looting without securing the area. I’m sure we all have been killed while looting at some point. It’s a great experience when you don’t really have much on a server and rely heavily on getting the loot and escape.


Half the thrill of taking someones loot is the risk vs reward…

however I like the idea of quickly taking your own loot from your dropped backpack or crates
rather than holding a key, may I suggest just double-clicking?

Yea I agree, well w/e buttons you have to push doesn’t matter. Just trying to get a discussion on what would be accepted by the player base.

I like the stress of the click+drag.

Also inside you’r own base moving items around? okay.

Yes, in fact… sometimes I need to move things out of my base quickly, or I need to re-gear and get back to a fight.
Being able to quick-loot anything makes you more safe and less susceptible, which is something that I don’t think this game should be trying to do, in general.

Besides, how does the game know that a crate or base is “yours”? What if someone steals your base or if you take someone else’s?

Well, it doesn’t. For now that is, you could say the same about the remove tool. I don’t know, what you say is true. But the annoyance of moving 5 full loaded crates up a floor every time you complete a new floor is annoying.

Dunno how it should be solved or at all. Just want to know what people think about it.

I’m assuming the only reason you’ve brought this up is because of the trello post on selecting multiple items using Ctrl + Click? I do like the idea, but then again I could see why people would be against it. It’s definitely a better idea than a “Loot All” button like we used to have.

Hmm, no. I’ve seen the images but didn’t notice that. If that system is what they are going with I would be happy as long as it doesn’t affect player loot bags.

Yeah, they haven’t stated whether this will be something we’ll be able to do will all loot boxes, or just our own packs.