Should I allow cs_lua in Darkrp?

Will it break any scripts if disabling? Or should I keep it enabled? :confused:

I read somewhere that some scripts use code which is cs…

You mean sv_allowcslua? And no people can activate their own scripts if thats enabled such as aimbot etc. Don’t do it.

Isn’t it automatically enabled anyway? I thought Falco had it enabled by default?

yh it is auto enabled a guy said something to me about it and said ppl can use hax etc, so wondering since it’s enabled any scripts need to use it or just some tool used for messing about with hacks?

aka if i disable it right now will it damage the ability of some scripts/addons used…

ps (if anyone has experience) can hydraulics wire be abused? same guy wants to use for a door…

No scripts sent to the client (i.e. clientside addon files) would be affected.

some people will use it for hacks so disable it and yes to 2nd question

alright trust in u guys lol, there’s not too much on forums about this rite?

If you’ve coded your own addons or know your addons have no exploits, leave it on, otherwise, turn it off.
(Basically turn it off if you have scriptfodder addons)

Only if you have an anticheat and some sort of anti-prop minge addon, then there’s no reason why not.

Anticheat + allowcslua 1. Makes sense.