Should i bother continuing the development of this website ?

Hi, some weeks ago I played around with the idea of starting a new alternative to coderhire. Now ive notiched that coderhire is shutting down and i wondered if its gonna be any reason to continue the development.

In addition, if im gonna continue the development i will need a sturdy development team.

If you are interesting in joining the team or is just interested please add me on steam.


No, nobody in the community knows you, let someone better fit for the job do it.

So, just because im new to the community and noone knows me, im automaticly stamped as a bad developer ?

I think it is more the fact that you haven’t got the trust of everyone yet.

Many people would not feel safe signing up to a website that handles payments if they did not trust the site owner.

Unlike you, Adam has previously bit up a grand reputation among the Facepunch community, most notably with his PointShop addon.

Well that… and this:

Snip late

Not necessarily, I doubt anyone will trust you with their scripts that they’re attempting to sell, and since ScriptFodder was already released by a trusted member of FP there’s no reason to do this.

Well remember i spent acouple of hours testing different designs. SO it was just one of the first name i came up with.

-snip- late

Well as a sidenote if any of you would be interested in becoming my partner in the development of my automatic donation system please contact my on steam or with pm.

I need a experienced Lua programmer to handle the ingame part of it.

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Also i just wantet some input, i got a lot of other projects going on aswell so i dont have that much time between the strokes, so im gonna abandone this idea.

that’s a terrible mindset to have, it doesn’t matter who you are if you’re good at what you’re doing

as for the op, there are a lot of coderhire clones being developed right now, I’d say keep going with yours but you gotta bring something new to the table if you wanna stand out

How is your site going to take off the ground if you don’t have talented coders who are able to fulfill jobs and post scripts?

Why are talented coders going to submit work and deal with payment on a site by someone they don’t know?

This sounded way more aggressive than intended, sorry :^(

Way to be a dick, hell this guy even has more posts than you

I scrapped my clone for similar reasons. Anyways, even if you did have the reputation Phoenix has his site clone up with full functionality. Over time all other clones will lose popularity and that one will become the primary.

You could do it anyway and turn it into a good learning experience.

Well ille see if i get the time.

The design isnt the best. But just because you have competition doesnt mean you should give up.

Hes done more for design than scriptfodder so far :stuck_out_tongue:
But im sure they are going to work on it more later after the bugs have been worked out

I would rather our bland theme then this pile of shit design, gee.

Design is generally the last thing you worry about anyway.