Should I buy Rust?


I am a poor student who can not throw away money everywhere. I would be happy to pay for a game that is good and suits my needs. But I can not take the risk by buying the game and then realizing that it has the wrong feel.

I am extremely greedy when it comes to gaming experience. If the game does not have the right feel I will not play it no matter what.
Just take Battlefield 4, Call of Duty or any of the “real experience shooters” for example. The feel for games that are created in order to be as realistic as possible does always feel bad because very often there is too much delay on the movement, the mouse sensitivity is smoothed which makes it feel super stupid, like delayed. Often there are also stupid effects like motion blur that makes you miss interesting things in the game if you are moving your camera around too fast (for example if you want to look behind you very fast).

Counter-Strike is an example of a game that I like because there are no mouse delay or any other realistic hurr durr mechanisms in that game. If you move the mouse very fast, the camera will do aswell. No motion blur. No stupid effects or delays.

Some people (You BF4, CoD, MW noobs) will not know what I am talking about because you are born as bad players who do not have the feel for the delays and other stupid game mechanisms.

So pretty much I am asking for a trial before I buy the game. Otherwise it is like buying the pig in a poke…

My opinion?

Just buy it or go away.
I try to be as friendly as possible on every tread… But this tread is just stupid.
Watch the game on youtube and then buy it or just go to counter strike.

And please dont post any of these kind of treads on the forum please.

Right now you’d be paying for the idea of the game. Mostly everything is unity asset store models… But for delay or w/e you’re talking about there isn’t any…