Should I buy tf2+gmod or css+gmod?

May you make a suggestion? I’d love that, because I’m buying one of em today.

Orange Box + GMod if you want TF2.


But the CSS models are used more in multiplayer, especially things like Trouble in Terrorist Town.

Which would I enjoy more, and benefit garrys mod the most at the same time. Also, a question. I have tf2 gcfs from my guest pass in the steamapps folder. Does this mean that the models from tf2 will be added in?

You will enjoy TF2 more; it’s less hostile to new players.

Also you can do HEE-LARIOUS gmod videos with the tf2 models that you can spam up the tf2 section with

I would suggest CS:S since more maps and gamemodes use it than TF2

Answer please?

no. only if you buy it you can spawn them.

CSS is suggested really. Because some servers make you need it.

K…I’ll get CSS. One of my friends has working guest pass gcfs…:confused:

But if I extract the content it will work!

Get C:SS & Garry’s Mod, its a totaly better offer. Because most of Garry’s Mod servers using C:SS Contets.

Agree with most of what this thread is saying:

Get the GMod+CS:S bundle. CS:S is used for pretty much everything.

Mkay. I’ll still have tf2 content anyways, thanks to extracting. It’s illegal but who cares it’s my decision

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Mkay, never mind…tf2 content does not work. Oh well, I get what I get.

What do you mean with it doesent work?

Remember to go under Extension and chose TF2.

It says unavailable…impossible. If some models work, it’s available.

if you want 90 percent of things in garrysmod to work, you need CSS. buy the orange box, CSS, and garrysmod if you want no missing textures.

if you arent going to play online in garrysmod then you dont EXACTLY need garrysmod.

but a lot of maps still use CSS textures.

get C:SS (don’t fucking pirate it) and the gmod pack. Most gun packs and servers require C:SS

CSS because it’s better imo

If you want TF2 get the Orange Box. You will get TF2 and 4 great games to go with it for 20 bucks.

CSS + gmod