Should i buy the game?


It has been now 3-4 years since i last played Garry’s mod (before gmod10), now the gmod10 costs 10 euros (isnt much)
I am really out of the scene now, so could i get some answers following questions, i would appreciate it.

What is the gmod size when you download it via Steam? (without mods etc.)

What new functions gmod10 has?

What you think about the game? good or not?

Thanks already

  1. I believe that gmod is about 1 gig.
  2. Addon format.
    Get it, It’s A LOT better than gmod 9.

Wtf gmod is ~800MB not 6GB

GMOD is 220 MB
The engine files are 3.7 GB

  1. about 400 mb
  2. Lots of new tools, new supports,
  3. Bad, i hate this game

Screw Deri ! In my land (g-topia) you where killed if you say that! Dont say mean worst against king Garry ! :frowning: >:D

You best be kiddin’

I never said anything bad about Garry, he’s a really nice guy, I just hate garrysmod

And JPoid im not kiddin

Gmod is fucking incredible.

I think that the game is 49% good. Im just glad that i am not in g-topia. Then i would of been killed for saying that.

The game is amazing. You can do whatever you want, all for just £6. Best value for money you will ever get from a game.


Why did I have to start my sentence like that.

The game itself is incredible but it gets boring after a while, and with the constant errors, crashes and glitches I just dont want to waste my life waiting for a game to load just so it can crash 6 seconds after I started playing.

Well I haven’t played Garry’s mod for about 4 months now. At first I played it for about 7 months none stop but now it is crap and boring.
It gets old but for the first 7 months it is awesome (as long as you learn to use wiremod)

I was hooked on Garrysmod for 1 year without many addons (no wiremod) But I now like garrysmod for making Machinimas but i get huge fuckign errors that ruin the whole thing. I mean I made a huge scene that took me hours to make, and the game crashes when im saving the game when i saving the fucking game!!

Redundancy much?

Also, save games are fucked, use Adv Duplicator.

I disagree.

I think its…

So good, not even incredible comes near it :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve played it. I think it’s good, you should buy it if you want.

Yes, I would agree that gmod is unstable. But once you actually get some play time in, its worth the pulling out your hair and swearing at your mom over sitting in your chair for 13 minutes with nothing happening.



My Gmod hasn’t made my PC bluescreen ever, and when Gmod crashes it’s mostly because I do something bad (spam too much for example) to it… It almost never crashes for no reason. But then there’s that damn Invalid Steam UserID Ticket error. I hate that.