Should i buy the game?

you can suck his dick all you want he won’t suck yours.

Go fill a bucket with water.

How about rain effects that cause wet surfaces?

Props that don’t spaz?

Volumetric smoke?

Right. Anything.


I’ve never had my computer blue screen. Do I get anything?


Oh, every update, comes in two parts. The first one breaks everything, the second one fixes what the first one broke.

Well maybe because Garry’s Mod uses a game engine that’s about 3-4 years old and made to run on as many computers as possible.

And to that one guy complaining about instability, you should drop some addons and upgrade your PC/Lower your settings.

I was just explaining that this game is not really worth buying.

Dude, it’s ten fucking bucks. It’s a great physics sandbox that runs pretty well on most PC’s, really worth getting into if you like to develop stuff, code, or just fucking around.

Also there are gamemodes that others make to change the gameplay.

It’s worth buying for the custom content (which, ironically enough, is actually free…)

Find me another where you can build your own ship/space station by welding pieces together. Now find me one that also needs you to build your own life support.

Next find me one that also includes wire.

There you go. Gmod really is a unique game. If you are willing to spend ages learning to build contraptions, it’s worth it.

I just deleted my addon folder, containing 7,890 files making 2,4GB

Droplet water would be too laggy, and too difficult to achieve in the first place, rain making wet surfaces would add to lag and be annoying if you want rain but you don’t want the wet surface shit, and I can see shit all useful reasons for volumetric smoke.

Stop nitpicking. You can do almost anything you want in Garry’s Mod. Even if you don’t like building or coding, you can join one of the servers that run ‘shooting and killing’ gamemodes, pose some ragdolls, or even play/download some RTS-like gamemode if you like.

I can see no merit in bashing a game for technical limitations most games share.

Why does Garry’s mod cost money? Isn’t it just a mod, and there for free? It dosen’t give you any new material, and is more like another game mode. You have to supply gmod with materials from other Source games or else it will not work. So, can anyone explain to me why does it cost money?


Because it’s a service and you can charge money for it.

Get it.


I think that applyforce ruined garrysmod.
Once you give the people the ability to do anything without much skill except coding, you take away the “epicness” of building something with lots of thrusters and such. All other wiremod is great… but this is stupid.

This post doesn’t have much to do with whether GMod is worth money, but I agree.

I disagree with the principle of applying a force on any object from nowhere as part of a chip that was originally intended to process inputs using a simple coding language. I find it akin to using hoverballs on a helicopter when a set of thruster-powered rotors could do the same thing with more believable results.

That said I can’t stop people using this thing any more than the wire-haters can stop people using wire by sitting around whining, and the point of GMod is that you can do whatever you like. So to say it’s somehow ruined GMod or dismiss it as ‘stupid’ when it clearly has its uses seems silly.

How is it a service?

It’s entertainment.

Because it is, no reason :downs: It’s a service as it is providing you with something. Before, when Garry didn’t charge for this, he was really limited in what he could do, the Source code the SDK dumps isn’t the most in depth thing ever. Thats why he made a deal with VALVe, access to all the Source engine, in return for the mod being sold and half the profit going towards the Source code fee.

It wasn’t that, that did it (LOL fail <) it was the tut that made it like.

I think that, especially for people new to the SANDBOX game genre, this game is a must-buy. As i have gotten older, however, it has worn down on me and my ability to finish projects is diminishing. But that is after 4 years.

Thanks for support & tips :slight_smile: I bought the game and downloading it all the time, its ready in 30 mins.

So, i am really out of the scene, could you suggest me some good mods etc.? :slight_smile: