Should I continue this project?

Hello Everyone,

Let me preface this by saying I’m not looking for sympathy nor am I attempting to advertise one of my servers. However I thought I’d come to a more fresh face instead of friends to ask this question. Thank you for your time.

I’ve come to those of you still around GMod and I’m wanting to know if you think this project is still viable / worth investing. A little over a year ago I had started a project which was intended to re-vamp RP Gamemodes (Sorta like Nutscript). It was an original base from scratch, and was intended to be played on servers I hosted. However slowly I realized that this dream seemed almost worthless in retrospect due to how much it was costing me personally and how many people would just “Use” it. The only thing that kept me going and investing into it was the notion that I’d be able to do better and present something worth presenting that wasn’t, “Change faction here, add addon there” that is every CW / NS server. My ambition for this in GMod might’ve been too high though, as the features themselves took extensive coding / time to make.

Some of the features included:

 • Cross Server Map Integration (Server 1 and Server 2 host different maps, you can walk from Server 1 to Server 2, vice versa)
 • Dynamic Item Base (Could be configured on the fly and items could be renamed / re-colored names)
 • Ambient and Dynamic Music
 • Random Item Modifiers / Degradation Systems (Items themselves could come with prefixes / different stats similar to RPG style or The Division)
 • Grid Based Inventory
 • Several different UIs to choose from.

And a fair bit more.

I’ve had several coders work on this base, and we settled on the name “Raindrop”. At this point however everyone is either busy, have real life commitments such as a day job / school, or would refuse to work in the Source Engine anymore (To clarify, I simply invested and funded the project, I don’t code myself). At first I didn’t want to release it publicly, however over time I decided that eventually after the gamemode was finished and polished to support easy configuration I’d release it for everyone to enjoy as is. I currently only have access to a mapper now, and that being said am contemplating just ending it’s life and giving away the code I invested in.

I don’t have many screenshots here of the gamemode itself for you as most of the code before this point was completely backend. However I do have some main menu / character creation and map progress shots of several maps I commissioned in anticipation for this project. Please note what you’re seeing as maps from the game S.T.A.L.K.E.R. as the first gamemode intended for this was meant to be a STALKER RP.

Main Menus


Dark Valley


Army Warehouses

That’s about all, let me know what you think and if I should continue this. If it comes down to consensus of abandoning the project I do plan on leaving GMod to pursue other interests and just continually hosting servers for people instead of working on them myself. If this isn’t the proper section for this please let me know or move it to the correct forum, Thanks!

NOTE: I apologize for the large images. Thumbnail wasn’t working for me.

Looks really good

Someone, anyone, he deserves help, he’s been good to me and will likely be good to you.

What exactly does he need help with? Someone to contribute to the gamemode? Or just general feedback or positivity? I’m confused. It looks REALLY good, and a step above what you normally find in gmod.

Contribute to the gamemode. As I had said I simply invest in it, and have developers work on it.

Yes you should definitely continue this
Sorry I can’t help :stuck_out_tongue: I’m suck with lua, not to mention glua

  • Snip bad reading -

holy crap, If i wasn’t tied up with other stuff I’d absolutely throw my lot in with this
how complete is the gamemode and what still needs to be done?

I believe last I spoke with Johnny here, it was around 65-80% complete. Being that the backend itself was entirely done for the gamemode itself. However what came next was mostly features / theme / front end.

The modular part was finished and most of the coders contributing made sure to comment all the code in case anyone came on board.

I have a pastebin here of all the content (However it’s not updated with what’s done. It’s organized on our Trello)

damn, that’s a pretty hefty project
i dont’ have the time for that kind of thing but if you put it on github or something i’d probably swing by and make a commit every now and then

We actually have a github with the entire history. I have it as private however as I didn’t want people running off with the code especially before its ready. But I can always add contributers.

It was meant to be a team project, which is why it was so hefty. Eventually leading to a public release for all.

Cheeki Breeki comrade.

Best of luck to you, it looks great compared to most stuff people “think they should release”.

Throw me on as a contributor if you want, PM for my Github link. I can help out if I find some time.

i would play the shit out of this, i’d help in any way i can if i could too

Thanks! I’ve PMed you.

Well the only thing stopping it from being complete is coders atm. I’m still pushing through on Maps.

Currently Zaton, Agroprom, Dark Valley, Lab X-18, Army Warehouses, and Rostok are complete.

I’d be up for playing it for sure, but I have a lot of projects on my own. I could maybe squeeze out a little code?

If you’d like to help sure! I’m planning on reposting this as a more WIP/Release thread in case I do get the extra help. But if you can’t find time that’s fine.

This really hyped me up, I have the idea of a survival gamemode but I’m not so good with lua so…
Well straight to the point, can I have an estimate of how long it would take to a first release? XD

I’ll actually start working on the thread mentioned and explain it there. I’m wouldn’t want to state a specific time as I meant for this to release this last summer but everyone got busy.

If I can get a few people working on it however I can safely say it’d be a couple months for initial private release, then once I get a skeleton organized it’d be a public release

I had no idea those other maps were being worked on along side Agroprom, Rostok looks great!