Should I continue with my RP Project?

Not too long ago I started my own roleplay gamemode, but I wanted to make sure it wasn’t a waste of time. I’m still doing BaseWars but as I’ve said I like having two projects. Not going to say too much about this because it might not even get released but it’s similar to DarkRP only it will be EXTREMELY simple to use. Things like a classmaker will be added (it’ll load classes from SQL). Adding shipments will be easy like that as well. Built-in shizzle like prop protection and damage. It’ll be a noob friendly gamemode with all the functions of DarkRP and more. So what do you think? Just stop or give it a go and see if anyone likes it when I release it?

EDIT: Before you ask it will not be based on DarkRP and I will release it with a license so there will be no shitty edits like there are with DarkRP.

We’ve got enough RP gamemodes.

This, and just getting a license won’t stop edits. This is Gmod, people.

RP is ruined how it is anyhow.