Should I even bother?

Quick attempt at a comic. Should I continue or just scrap it?

Link for Full view cause photobucket scales everything down.

Its very nice,I love the posing and the angles,very well done.
The story plot looks very good,you should really continue.
What’s the map?

Oh whoops, the box with him fixing his tie is supposed to be him sort of introducing himself. I didn’t have a name for him so I didn’t do that one yet. So this is unfinished. =p

Map is the District 9 one.

Fuck yes this is awesome!

Do more Do more Do more Do more Do more Do more Do more Do more Do more Do more Do more

sweet this is awesome it makes me really want to read more do continue

With the intro, you have some false information.

They called themselves the “Civil Union.”

The citizens came up with combine as slang.

Well the comic would be in a different universe then. Because the Combine didn’t try to fool humanity when they came by promising protection, hospitals, etc. They started a war that lasted seven hours.

The combine usually refer to themselves as “our Benefactors”, “The Universal Union”, “Civil Protection”, etc, though Breen says “the Combine” at Nova Prospect. I’ve never heard of a “Civil Union”, though, and if the comic is set in the Half-Life 2 universe, it is false information.

Sorry for the mistakes. I’ll probably change that. Also thanks for the feedback. I’ll start with some more.

Thanks for the replies guys.

Has some potential I think. A few grammatical errors here and there but nothing entirely destructive to the flow of the story.

I personally cannot say I’m too pleased that the “main character” is Male07. He’s so overly generic it’s painful to see his overused face in a serious comic.

I wouldn’t be too concerned about “false information” with a comic like this. That information is all based on HL2 lore which has a ton of room for creative liscensing. It could be set in the HL2 universe (using maps/models/possibly names) but it doesn’t mean it actually has anything to do with the HL2 story, right?

So, keep going. It’d be interesting to see where you plan on actually taking the comic. You should consider speechbubbles in the future. I don’t know how long the idea of reading just writing all over the shots will last in this section before people get frustrated with it :v:


Oh yeah and get an actual title for the comic too!

Damn…I knew I missed some. I’ll try my best to re-read and find them in the future.

I did notice this and freaked when it came time have dialogue in it. With the dark overtone and theme I though big white speech bubbles would cause distraction from it all.

**Note:***I’m just doing this out of boredom. I’m not trying to make anything big here. But since people like it I’ll continue. Lastly sorry for the Male07 model…just picked at random really. *

So he found a bear?


What you should do it continue this. The narration is well set up. And the pictures are a perfect background for the enticing way you are introducing the story. Build on this. I am eagerly waiting for more.

It’s good and all, but you should sort your text, so it’s easier to know which bit you should read next.