Should I FPS Boost My Servers

Ive read somewhere that you should run windows media player in the background to boost the server FPS from the default 66 to much higher FPS’s, my question is should this be done with gmod?

Windows Server 2003

It can be done but it will take a bigger hit on your CPU and bandwidth.

Soon as you get stuff moving it tends to go down quite a bit though.

Is there any point in doing it does it reduce lag or just increase resource usage.

Not really.

I’ve found it makes things smoother in SRCDS generally, but Gmod not so much.

Ah Ill stop it running then, but it reduces CPU usgae quite a bit not having it running are you sure that doesnt reduce the performance on the server.

The default is 64, mind you. You should get the Fps boost bat file. Or just run windows media player.


To me the difference was quite big. To you, I have no idea.

I know how to boost it, its kind of the first thing I said you should really read the thread and also you dont realy specify how its better. (Lag,Smoother ett)

It is much smoother and tends to give me a better ping to the server, better response times when spawning stuff and such, Less freezing.

Ive turned it back on but illl see how it goes.

If you’re using a rented box, it might be better not to. If you’re using a dedicated box that you own or rent, it’s probably better doing it.

Its my box colocated.

For Gmod there’s no real point whatsoever. At least I’ve found so.

No, do it, seriously, Its so much better

Curious as to whether you should have music playing with WMP open, since my dedicated doesn’t have sound drivers.

Does this still work with tcadmin as I have recently got that for my dedicated server and infinity you dont need to play music it just has to minimised.