Should I get a Static IP Address?

I’ve tried running a gmod server a hundred times in the past but never could get it to work; but i’ve finally found the solution.
Getting a Static IP Address. My ISP said it would be an extra $10 a month but the problem is that my download speed is 1 megabit and my upload is .5 megabits.
I live in a small town in Texas so having High Speed internet that can run my games is excellent, but is it fast enough to support a 16 person or so server?

I understand this should probably go in the Tech Support section but this was the first place I thought of to get help.
It would be really nice if I could also get some tips.

No. Just forwards your ports for your server and you’ll be fine. You’d be better off with a (sub)domain pointing at the IP of your server or a no-ip ( ) DDNS link as it’ll always point to your IP.

When I forward my ports with a Dynamic IP Address it never works, that why I need a Static, or should I stick with paying for servers the old fashion way.

I’d honestly go the old fasioned way, a 16slot isn’t that much these days.

However, static will not help with port forwarding. All static means is that your IP won’t change. I mean literally, that’s all it means.

Well how come every time I forward my ports properly, I run the server, and nothing.
I’ve even tried Minecraft Servers, San Andreas Online Servers, Ventrillo.
I mean litterly nothing works. I’ve even tried it on 2 different routers.

Wouldn’t Static fix this problem?

And is my upload speed 50 k/b even fast enough to support a small server like that?

you can do it with a program… just one click…what is your isp

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what kinda server are you running

Those internet speeds are no where near fast enough to run a Gmod server, you might just about run 4 slot server. But even then you would have a laggy server.

I would spend the $10 on a GPS.

Alright thanks.

No, static would NOT fix those issues,
I’m afraid those issues are caused by you failing to setup port forwarding properly.

I’d go for a GSP…

You have to pay 10 bucks to have a static ip, man fucking isp’s are morons these days.

Not at all. Forcing Dynamic IP’s helps with the situation of running out of IP addresses.

Seems silly but it’s true. My ISP won’t let me have a Static no matter how much I ask.

Mines the opposite, wont let me have a fucking dynamic ip, I can go with another ISP which is exactly like yours.

Wait I’m confused you are trying to get your external IP static?

Why not just change your internal IP to static and port forward it?

Server’s IP would change every time your router reset but it should work fine.

He wants a static IP so people connecting will always have the same IP

Oh right, I was thinking people couldn’t join.