Should I get Nether or Rust?

I plan on purchasing either Rust or Nether. What do you guys think I should get? Is rust worth it?

you are asking on the official rust forums what answer are you expecting

Rust is Worth it. Better than Nether in every way

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I think spending your money on Nether is the equivilent of setting that money on fire. I say rust.

I’m asking for an unbiased opinion.

then ask in a general games discussion thread lmao.

sorry if it comes off at snarky, but looking for an unbiased opinion in the Rust subforum is the equivalent of your body trying to digest corn.

Right now, Rust has more depth than Nether. Nether is ok, but I play Rust much more…

dude hybrid you came out of no where and it is snarky, I honestly cant stand you facepunch members who’ve been here long, most of you just have patronizing, condescending, rude personalities and say shit thats just silly. I just wish you stayed in your original forum/category/game when you all act the way you do…

also to answer your question which is all any of you have to do is…

RUST, nether is just a skinned Infestation

I came out of nowhere? What, do you want from me some some alert whenever I enter a thread? Do you want me to PM you anytime I decide to make a post?

Was I ever not being patronizing, or condescending. I made fun, and apologized in the process. you know, it’s something EVERY SINGLE PERSON does on a day-to-day basis, on the internet and in the physical realm. everyone who isn’t anti-social anyway

nether just the new version of warz or dayz, the same big place collect food and water and bandage and yea weapons and kill each other.

Rust is a new type of survival game.

Also, just technically, Rust is more stable. Rust has never crashed on me, Nether has multiple times…

ffs i was about to post exactly that.

Anyways just go buy rust. There’s my totally unbiased opinion.