Should I get Rust?

I’ve been internally debating for a while now as to whether or not I should buy Rust. I’d very much like to (I’ve seen various YouTube videos and I have to say that I absolutely love it already). However, I’d like an answer from its community. You guys have all played it, do you recommend that I buy it? And if anybody could tell me if there are any defined system requirements, that’d be awesome! Only I don’t exactly have a brilliant computer (but one that’s good enough to play Minecraft, Half-Life 2 and some other Source games).

Thank you for reading and, in advance, thank you for the potential replies :smiley:

  • braaaandeeeen

Y E S (no need to elaborate)

I guess that’s enough an answer really xD just needed confirmation from someone other than myself

I’m still worried that my laptop wouldn’t be able to run it :confused: